Vote for Animals

Are you a candidate? Take the animal welfare pledge!

This is your chance to make a public commitment to animal welfare for the next EU parliamentary term.

Are you a candidate? Take the animal welfare pledge!

Animal welfare - a crucial topic for the 2019 European Elections

These elections will determine Europe’s political priorities for the next five years. Political progress for the welfare of animals depends on committed parliamentarians which is why we ask candidates to show their engagement by taking this pledge.

Who has taken the animal welfare pledge

Find out which candidate standing for election to the European Parliament has promised to act for animals in the next term.

Map of supportive candidates

This map shows the number of candidates that have taken the European Pledge “Vote for Animals 2019”. Please use the Who has taken the Pledge section to find specific candidates.

Top 5 countries with the highest percentage of candidates that have signed the pledge.

Vote for Animals 2019 Video

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